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02. Warranty

Gaia Fine Jewels offer a one year product warranty against manufacturing faults or workmanship defects. This excludes items where the pearl doesn't match a photo seen in a brochure / online, as every pearl is individual and every silver piece is unique. There are no two of the same pearls or silver. This excludes normal wear and tear, breakage or damage due to misuse, mishandling, unauthorized repairs, accidents, exposure to corrosive or abrasive substances or appropriate product care not being taken. Please refer to the product care information for instructions on care and handling of your item. Proof of purchase must be provided. If it's not possible to replace we may offer an exchange or credit notes.

03. Why we chose Sterling Silver 925

Sterling Silver 925 has the ability to cope with exposure to elements and is suitable for everyday wear. With good care, your jewellery could be yours for a lifetime.Our metal jewellery* are all sterling silver 925, 92.5% pure silver and alloy combination of other safe metals (nickel free). They are safe for the skin, timeless and last for a long time. *Some non metal ones include sterling silver, brass and leather. All our silver are safe for the skin*

04. Why we chose Gold / Rose Gold Vermeil

Our Gold / Rose Gold Collection are Vermeil (Ver-May) is a thick micron of 14K-18K gold / rose gold coating on top of the Sterling Silver 925. Vermeil (>0.5 micron) is a better quality than plating (< 0.5micron) hence they are longer lasting.

Will they tarnish

It depends on how you care for them / how often they come in contact with water / other chemicals.

Silver jewellery stay silver for a long time, it might loose its shine over time but once polished with our cloth, they’ll look shiny again.

Vermeil rings will turn to silver quicker than earrings / necklace / bracelets because we wash / sanitize our hands often.

Vermeil earrings, necklaces, bracelets & anklets will turn to silver over a much longer period of time.

Why we chose Pearls

Pearls are always special, they're classified as gemstones and the only one formed and found within a living creature.

Pearls require no cutting or polishing before use and are simply stunning the way they naturally form.

No two pearls are the same.

Our pearl collection is mainly freshwater pearls so they're affordable for you and some south sea pearls. The combination of pearls and silver make the most elegant and timeless jewellery piece.

How to care for your silver

Wear them regularly & clean them after wear with warm water or Gaia polishing cloth (white) to wash off sweat, dirt & chemicals.

Place them in an airtight container to prevent oxidation.

No direct contact or wait at least 5 mins after applying lotions, hand wash & perfume.

You can shower with your silver however because there are chlorine and other chemicals in the water, this will eventually induce tarnishing over time (we’re talking many years). Definitely no pool water & no salt water.

How to care for your pearls

Wear your pearls regularly and always wipe them with Gaia suede microfiber cloth (black) after each wear.

Pearls need to breathe. So place them in the soft Gaia velvet pouch.

Pearls age over time & when the colour changes, you know you have genuine pearls.

No direct contact or wait at least 5 mins after applying lotions, hand wash & perfume.