One of a Kind Keepsake Jewellery for All Occasions

The name Gaia (pronounced Guy-Ya), means Mother Earth. It's a family legacy brand that's carried over. Mother Earth or Mother Nature, reflects a full cycle of life, where we're from and go back to. Just like our objective is, we want to be a channel for artists and silversmiths and jewellery designers from all over the world, from us and for us. 

We focus on Sterling Silver 925 for all the metals in our jewellery components and Pearls Collection to sweeten it up. Our jewellery are meant to be for a keepsake, so you want to keep them for a very long time. Forever, if you may.

Our Story

It's a two sister family business. Amy and Stella started at Perth City Market in 2020, then Fremantle Markets. Our last pop up was the Westfield Carousel and in between, we keep our creativity by taking a break and travel all over the world, and improve on our e-commerce site. 

We find it fascinating how each piece of jewellery tells a tale of its own. Gaia was inspired by the many stories crafted in silver, picked up from travels across the world. Different places and silversmiths have their own unique way to capture and eternalize emotions through jewellery.

We source out unique beautiful designs from the best suppliers and silversmiths from all over the world. However, the common thread across all our designs is the fact that they are one of a kind, classic and everyday wearables. You'd find a perfect piece of jewellery for almost any occasion.

The Gaia Promise

We go the extra mile to ensure that every piece of jewellery we bring to you is not only stunning, but safe on the skin as well. All of our sterling silver jewellery comes with a guaranteed 92.5% purity, and is designed to last a long, long time. You will also get a polishing cloth with every purchase, that you could use to wipe your jewellery back to a beautiful shine, should it start to get oxidized.

So many of our customers who couldn't wear anything other than gold with sensitive skin, have come to us and back for more because they can wear all Gaia pieces without irritating their skin.

Pearl is precious and delicate and every purchase also comes with  Pearl care cloth. This ensures that you can continue wearing it for as long as you want, and even pass it on to someone who can do the same, thus minimizing the need to discard, repair or replace, and safeguarding Mother Earth, while at it.