Good Luck Huggies

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Color: Gold
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Huggies... hmmmm....

Think of them as hoops with the smallest diameter possible. They're designed to 'hug' the earlobes. Our huggies have this 'hinged' section to open and close them (you'll feel the 'click' when you close them and you know they'll be securely hugging your lobes).


Because of the cute size and because they're meant to wrap around tightly around the lobes, huggies can comfortably take you through an entire week without missing a trend. They also mean that they won't get tangled in your hair, clothes or other accessories.


Good Luck Huggies

Shape: Round like a lucky charm with a dangle of a round lucky charm

Size: 13mm diameter with a dangle of a 5mm round lucky charm 

Type: Huggies

Shine: Polished silver & gold

Lightweight 2.5g per pair